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Buffle the puzzle

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You can download free games just clicking on the icons, you can find more games in the registered area. Registered users can download all the games, is free.

If you want add some your preferred games you can send us informations about it and your link, we provide to add it to our list.

All the games are played on your phone under your responsability.

We are not responsable for hurtings, bytes, kicks or other bad actions your iphone can do to you after download the games, we are not responsable if you broke your iphone or burn it because you are too angry after play the games.
As registered user you can download more games, register to our site is free.
The user registered receive some mail of advice of new games posted, also receive our greetings and some postal card in christmas time or in the summer holidays .

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We are glad to offer free space to people that want join our big community of iPhone Game Developers.
As developer you can access to the forums and post your ideas, also you can download scripts, javascripts and many ajax utility for game developing.

Just send a mail with your games to evalutate and we decide if you can enter in developer mode.

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